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Deb Satterfield

About Deb Satterfield

As an English teacher, I loved words. And, I love helping you find inspiration and joy everywhere you turn in your home or office with Uppercase Living. Are you looking for the perfect words or phrase that captures who you are? Words that inspire, encourage, and uplift you and beautify your surroundings? I can help.

Uppercase Living features pre-designed expressions or you can create your own. Your walls might be the ideal place to add a phrase that provides an extra boost—words that inspire or motivate you. You might also find, as I did, that the lessons I teach my students and my own children are worth passing down. They can have a powerful impact and are worth repeating and re-reading. It might not be till years later that you learn how much you have influenced or uplifted a child, a friend, or a customer. How much comfort you brought to them at a difficult time through beautiful vinyl expressions on their walls.

Because I’m passionate about words, ten years ago I fell in love with Uppercase Living’s vinyl expressions and the company. It’s changed my life. I love going into homes, such as yours, and offices, and sharing the joy these more than 1,400 words and predesigned expressions can bring to your environment. And, when you have 55 colors and 50 fonts to choose from, the sky’s the limit! You can design your own expressions and transform your environment in such a personal way.

Join My Team

Regardless of whether you’re in the US or Canada, you can join my team and start making a difference in your home, your family, and the lives of your customers. It’s easy. Our Starter Kits are all you need. For a small investment, or one that lets you select $100 in free product, just give me a call. I’ll answer your questions. Then you can decide if Uppercase Living is the right business for you.

While I’m located in Fishers, Indiana, I still want to help you wherever you are. I travel around Central Indiana to Noblesville, Car

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